Team-Based Organization
The Team Compass Model

Team Compass Grafik, Weißer Hintergrund Ohne BG

The Team Compass is the underlying model for facilitating team building & performance.
The model integrates methodologies that have proved to be successful over the years. 

Organizations as Teams of Teams 

We understand organization as a collaboration of different teams. In turn, team is a collaborative structure uniting different individuals.
Practically, the Team Compass model can be implemented at every level to unleash the full potential of each element:

  • At individual level, through coaching or self-reflection.
  • At team level, for ongoing team development and achieving high performance.
  • At organizational level for transformation as well as strategic and cultural development processes.

The Team Compass Enabler Workshop 

Would you like to explore the potential of your team?
Do you want to see how your organization can boost its performance?
Join us on the Team Compass Enabler Workshop.

Objectives of Team Compass Enabler Workshops

  • Get to know the model and its dimensions in depth 
  • Get familiar with the Team Compass toolbox, practical interventions, and available exercises 
  • Explore ways to assess and monitor the Team Compass dimensions 
  • Learn about practical cases and learn to apply the model to own cases/situations 
  • Understand the logic of organization as a team of teams


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Join Us at the Team Compass Enabler Workshop!

Team Compass Grafik, Weißer Hintergrund Ohne BG

During this 2-day workshop we will explore the depths of the Team Compass model and its application.
You will learn how to use the model at individual, team, and organisational development level, familiarize with the dimensions, and learn from best practices and practical case studies.

What You Get

  • 2-day workshop
  • Copyright to use and apply the Team Compass model in your own work context
  • 2 online follow-up Q&A & Exchange sessions
  • Presentation materials of the model
  • Digital and hardcopy versions of the toolbox

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