How do you create new growth and transformation through innovation?

One of the most challenging goals for established companies is to start new businesses outside their core markets to create new growth, competitive advantage and increased value.

Do you face similar challenges?

  • Find opportunities for new growth.
  • Create businesses and offerings to seize these opportunities.
  • Execute the new strategy.
  • Business model innovation.
  • Build innovation capabilities.
  • Make better use of existing assets.
  • Create new markets.

Our Approach

We offer a systematic approach helping you to:

  • find opportunities for new growth
  • create new businesses
  • innovate your business model
  • open new markets for existing businesses
  • building adjacencies for existing businesses
  • enhance your organization’s growth and innovation capabilities.

Doujak Corporate Development partners closely with your organization to develop and facilitate processes to generate ‘out of the box ideas’, experiment and rapidly innovate. We will support your organization during the entire process from discovering opportunities, idea generation, to experimentation and testing, and the successful implementation of the innovations. Our offering includes the facilitation of growth and innovation projects, executive education, and leading workshops.

Our Expertise

  • Strategic Innovation
  • Business Model Design and Innovation
  • Blue Ocean Strategy
  • Value Innovation
  • Setting up innovation governance structures
  • Building growth and innovation capabilities
  • Innovation training & workshops
  • Growth and Innovation audits
  • Innovation workshops
  • Inspiration showers
  • Establishing an innovation office

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Business Model Design and Innovation

How do you innovate your business model?

This is Business Model Innovation™ is a special format that has been developed to address the question of how to design and implement an innovative new business model in established companies.

The program is available in various formats from a 1/2 day workshop to a full action learning process to empower your team and your organization to master Business Model Innovation.

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