How do you lead your teams to high performance?

Executive teams need a clear focus and a common understanding of the overall company strategy and its challenges.

Do you face similar challenges?

  • Leading your teams to high performance
  • Acting as “one team”
  • Creating “one voice” for the communication of decisions
  • Shift in strategy requiring new ways of collaboration
  • Establishment of a new management team
  • Establishment of a new project team
  • Transformation of an existing team
  • Improving collaboration between departments or units
  • Improving the decision making quality of your management teams
  • Working and leading virtually
  • Leading multinational teams
  • Creating trust and effectiveness within international teams

Our Approach

We focus on creating “one voice” on all issues critical to business success. This includes the creation of a new executive team after a merger or turnaround, CEO succession or the installation of a new board, when performance lags behind expectations, and whenever a coherent communication from the board is needed.

“Feeling as a team and acting as a team” is the mandate.

We offer a systematic approach helping you to:

  • Assess the current performance of your team
  • Design a tailored process to enhance your team’s performance
  • Coach you and your teams in how to reach high performance
  • Further develop your team building processes for new and existing teams
  • Improve cross-departmental communication and collaboration
  • Resolve conflicts
  • Establish a team decision-making process and culture
  • Coach you on how to set up and lead intercultural and virtual teams

High performance needs continuous further development, coaching and training. Our professional development services are relevant while having a sounds theoretical background and striving for impact.

Our Expertise

  • Team Performance
  • Executive team development
  • Strategic team building workshops
  • Team development and high performance
  • Effective and efficient decision making in teams
  • Leading virtual teams
  • Cross-departmental collaboration
  • Virtual collaboration
  • Multinational team development