How do we keep developing our talents?

Executives sometimes need some time to step out of their context, get new impulses and reflect on their current practices.

Do you face similar challenges?

  • Getting new impulses for strategy and corporate development processes
  • Developing and implementing new strategies
  • Leading in times of uncertainty
  • Leading change
  • Leading globally
  • Leading your teams to high performance
  • Generating innovation and business model innovation
  • Having time for self-reflection and learning
  • Getting an understanding what makes change management processes successful
  • Getting inputs on general management and business administration
  • Learning how to efficiently and effectively facilitate your management meetings
  • Getting hands on tools for efficient decision making

Our approach

We offer learning experiences combining our expertise as global consultants, managers and trainers.

In house programs:

We work side by side with people to understand what it is they really need and how we can best collaborate to enhance performance. Our mission is to be working on one level with our clients. Our in-house programs are a mix of training inputs and practical project workshop.

Browse through our client work to learn more about our areas of expertise or contact us to develop a customized program for your special needs.

Open programs:

We offer open programs on Systemic Consulting and Management for external and in-house consultants, general managers, entrepreneurs.

Based on more than 25 years of expertise in executive education, together with our strategic partner, the Beratergruppe Neuwaldegg, we have developed the premium program on systemic development in the German speaking Europe: “Systemisch Bewegen intensiv (SBi)”.

The program is for managers, internal and external consultants, as well as entrepreneurs who would like to see behind the social life of organizations and experience ways to actively engage with their organizations.

Learn more about the SBi.


Our Expertise

Doujak Corporate Development has developed and delivered effective learning processes and programs for executives, managers from all functions, internal consultants, and change agents on a wide range of topics:

  • corporate development
  • strategy
  • innovation
  • leadership, leading globally
  • change management, leading change
  • general management
  • business administration
  • facilitation
  • decision making

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