How do you create commitment in your company by effectively communicating your messages?

Employees work in constantly changing environments and face a communication overload. Important messages may not get through and the team is not engaged in implementing your strategy.

 Do you face similar challenges?

  • Communicate your goals
  • Create a committed team to achieve your goals
  • Anchor messages
  • (Emotionally) engage your peers
  • Motivate your team
  • Position yourself as a leader
  • Make sure the organization is ready, willing and engaged

 Our approach

We offer a systematic approach helping you to:

  • increase your impact
  • develop a tailor made and creative communication architecture
  • integrate different communication channels
  • create symbols and tell stories
  • design large group events/conferences
  • provide interactive working formats

Doujak Corporate Development has a broad expertise in designing innovative and creative communication architectures. We will support you throughout the whole process, starting from a tailor-made strategy to the implementation of the different measures. How? First we identify the communication story (translation of your vision, goals, strategy), and then we tell it through different formats and channels, creating a holistic approach.

Our expertise

  • Communication architecture
  • Creativity (down to earth)
  • Organization of workshops and large group events (annual meetings, kick-off, etc.)
  • Create and design working formats
  • Create a change identity (symbols, logos, etc.)
  • Provide different communication tools (i.e. newsletters, intranet, etc.)
  • Storytelling
  • Use different channels/media and new technologies (virtual solutions)
  • Moderation (and train internal moderators and hosts)
  • Facilitation
  • Coach speakers
  • Event management
  • Graphic design
  • Event design (stage, signage, etc.)
  • “Any” budgets solutions

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