How do you become more successful in global business and working internationally?

From planning the strategy, changing your corporate culture, expanding into a new market, to leading an international project team, internationalization touches every aspect of the corporate world.

Do you face similar challenges?

  • Internationalization and going global
  • Managing international growth and organizational development
  • Implementing and communicating change internationally
  • Transforming your corporate culture
  • Creating one group identity bringing together a mix of national and corporate cultures
  • Dealing with international post-mergers
  • Creating trust and effectiveness within international teams
  • Leading multinational teams
  • Working and leading virtually
  • Successfully doing business globally

Our approach

Leadership teams and their organizations need to understand what the global challenges are and how to successfully master them.

We offer a systematic approach helping you to:

  • Facilitate your international transition and integration
  • Develop and implement your new culture
  • Lead to global success
  • Develop international and virtual leadership qualities
  • Build up trust and improving effectiveness within multinational teams

Are you working globally? Doujak Corporate Development supports you by facilitating your international transition leading you to global success.

Our expertise

  • International integrations
  • Shaping and implementing a new corporate culture
  • Cross-cultural cooperation
  • Leveraging diversity
  • Multinational team development
  • Global leadership development and coaching
  • Multinational project management
  • Virtual teams and collaboration
  • International change communication
  • Managing international growth and organizational development