The ultimate resource to innovate your way to growth.


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The Art of Opportunity offers a path toward new growth, providing the perspective and tools you need to make innovation happen.

You’ll employ a new business design thinking approach to explore growth opportunities, craft your strategy, and create your roadmap toward the new state of growth, and gain valuable insights into a new way of achieving success.


The Art of Opportunity will help you to:
+ Start looking at business growth from a new perspective
+ Create value for your customers, company and ecosystem
+ Innovate strategically and design new business models
+ Develop a new active business design thinking approach to innovation



The visual frameworks and research-based methodology presented in The Art of Opportunity merge business design thinking and strategic innovation to help change your growth paradigm. Put aside the old school approach of focusing on new products and new markets, to focus instead apply value creation to find your new opportunity, craft your offering, design your strategy, and build new growth and ventures.


Visual frameworks



Written by a team of experts with both academic and industry experience—and a client roster composed of some of the world’s leading companies—this book provides you with the necessary tools and methods to help you capture growth instead of chasing it.

To pre-order the book, stay in the know or contribute to the book, please visit or contact Marc directly. Release date will be spring 2016.