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Making Virtual Real – How to lead global teams across distance

What does it take to lead a successful high-performing virtual team? Is it as easy as simply applying leadership skills to a virtual setting? What intercultural challenges might be a challenge when meeting across distance? And what can I do to avoid participants getting bored and reading their e-mails during my virtual meetings?

The Art of Opportunity

The Art of Opportunity offers a path toward new growth, providing the perspective and tools you need to make innovation happen.

The Doujak Global Survey 2015

Managers and consultants around the globe gave us feedback on their experiences 2014 and the challenges 2015. Top challenges in corporate development foreseen for 2015 are: customer centricity, process optimization, strategy implementation, leading in VUCA times and corporate culture initiatives. The focus referring change management is on enabling committed and resilient key players to lead… Read more »

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